OSG Software Repository hosted by the Grid Operations Center

This is the OSG Sofware repository. It provides OSG-specific software, including the OSG CA-Certificate distribution, VO-package, etc.

OSG GOC GPG Public Key

You can download the GOC's GPG public key here.

RPM based CA-certificates install

Instructions can be found here.

OSG Debian Repository

This is the OSG GOC Debian repo. Right now, it provides the CA-certificates provided by the OSG security team.

Setup APT to be able to access GOC Debian repo

Add GOC Debian repo to your apt repository list; also download the GOC's GPG public key, and add it to your apt configuration.

 echo "deb http://software-itb.grid.iu.edu/apt/ stable main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
 wget -O /tmp/osg-goc-gpg-pubkey.asc http://software-itb.grid.iu.edu/osg-goc-gpg-pubkey.asc
 apt-key add /tmp/osg-goc-gpg-pubkey.asc
 apt-get update 

Install OSG CA certs using apt

The following apt command will install the osg-ca-certs package into /etc/grid-security/certificates.
 apt-get install osg-ca-certs 

The following apt command will upgrade an existing installation of the osg-ca-certs package (in /etc/grid-security/certificates).

 apt-get upgrade osg-ca-certs